Spanish Classes for Parents

If you're a mom/ dad, you want to learn Spanish, meet other international families and get to know more about the Spanish culture but wonder.. how can I attend a regular class if I have to take care of my baby/ toddler?
We invite you to join us for Spanish classes at Espacio Crisálida.
Tuesdays 11-12.15hs 

We are considering a new group on Thursdays, let us know if you'd be interested.

You can hold your baby in your arms, breastfeed, change diapers and if he's older he can play in the play area with other children while Lierni, our lovely Educator takes care of them a few meters from you.

Come try it out!! Meet our lovely Spanish teacher Carmen. We certainly think you'll love the space and the possibility of learning, making friends and offering a wonderful environment for your child to enjoy too.

Book your first class now, click here . or call us 915.919.750